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Dialing for Dollars: How Telecalling Can Help Generate More B2B Leads

While the current era is driven by technological trends and social media marketing, B2B telemarketing services or telecalling still holds a significant position as a lead generation strategy for companies. Various research studies have analyzed that more than 12,000 consumers and about 150 billion phone calls globally indicate that businesses have turned to voice calling as the preferred communication channel for diverse business interactions. More so, 17% of B2B marketers use cold calling as their primary customer acquisition channel worldwide.

Understanding the effectiveness of telecalling for B2B

Telecalling, when used for B2B lead generation, enables enterprises to directly connect with prospects and build relationships with them. Some of the potential benefits of B2B lead generation telemarketing services for companies include:

  1. Quality lead generation

‘As per reports, nearly 51% of business owners prefer talking to salesperson rather than engaging in email or other channels.’

B2B telecalling is a customized approach to gaining prospects. With this method, businesses would be able to generate high-quality leads and build potential relationships with the leads.

  • Performance enhancement

B2B telemarketing allows firms to record calls and listen to customer queries later, working on augmenting the customer experience. Additionally, through telemarketing services, B2B enterprises could measure statistics related to average calls in a month which would help them know the number of potential leads generated.

  • Cost efficacy

Reports state that investing in telemarketing campaigns compared to setting up a sales team would reap significant revenues for B2B lead generation companies. Besides, the services would also reduce overall operational costs for the firm and enable it to focus more on prospects.

  • Build brand value

Credible to note, not every telemarketing interaction would result in a direct sale. In fact, it takes an average of 6 calls to crack a sale, which means that much telemarketing emphasizes building brand awareness. As potential clients become more familiar with businesses, they are likely to be more open to purchasing in the future, supporting an expansion in brand value.

Steps to building effective B2B telemarketing services for lead generation

As a B2B lead generation company, if you are looking forward to accomplishing better leads through telemarketing, here are some of the steps that could come in handy in the longer run:

While not every telemarketing call might result in a lead, the right approach and strategy could enable it to emerge as a powerful tool for lead generation. An important point to note here is that companies are seeking to include a skilled and trained team of telemarketers who can efficiently communicate with potential leads and build relationships. This includes a combination of strong communication skills, the ability to handle objections and overcome barriers to sales, and robust product knowledge.

AI penetration in telecalling- A need of the hour in 2023?

‘AI-powered chatbots were known to handle 20% of customer service calls in 2022’-Gartner report

AI technology is revolutionizing the nature of the call center industry currently as these centers have begun using AI to create better services. They are also utilizing AI B2B telemarketing services to enhance their offerings and analyze data and identify patterns. 

Not to mention, using AI for marketing is expected to help B2B lead generation companies design custom content that would appeal to their target audience via the use of machine learning techniques. It can also support prolific improvement in customer service, understanding consumer needs, and delivering the best possible experience.

Meanwhile, call centers worldwide are leaving no stone unturned to churn maximum benefits from AI-powered telemarketing services. For instance, a Palo Alto-based firm- Sanas- recently developed an AI with the aim of making international call center employees sound accent-neutral. As per company officials, the software not only removes the accent but also replaces the voice with a robotic akin to a standard American English accent.

That being said, as more telemarketing companies make use of cutting-edge technologies, the probability of generating potential leads is expected to increase, allowing businesses to bring out more profits than ever.

In a nutshell, generating leads by telephone is often overlooked and at times frowned upon, because of the fact that it can be annoying and frustrating. However, if done in the right approach and steps, it can help create a healthy stream of sales opportunities for the business.

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