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B2B Account Based Marketing: 2023 Best Practices 

Is your B2B company struggling to convert prospective clients because of impersonal and generic outreach? You are not alone.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM), a highly targeted and dynamic approach, has proven to be successful for many forward-thinking B2B businesses. 

According to a Marketo report, businesses that use ABM see a 208% increase in revenue from their marketing efforts when compared to those that do not. By tailoring your marketing efforts and creating campaigns customized to your high-value accounts, you can achieve better results and drive revenue growth.

The benefits of Account Based Marketing strategies
ABM revolutionizes B2B marketing by swapping out one-size-fits-all tactics for a tailored approach, delivering results that meet the unique needs of your business. And the benefits are countless as follows.

ABM generates high-quality leads
ABM focuses on targeting prospective clients and businesses, both those that have recently shown interest or those that may not even yet be aware of your product or service. This strategy boosts conversion chances and helps businesses prioritize their marketing efforts for maximum impact.

ABM enables better prospective engagement
ABM delivers personalized content and marketing experiences that directly address the pain points of the potential clients, thereby driving better customer engagement and stronger relationships, leading the collaboration to last longer.

Technology that transforms ABM further
ABM is a targeted marketing strategy that enables businesses to gain valuable insights into the unique challenges and pain points of their high-value accounts. Businesses can identify and prioritize accounts that are most likely to convert and engage by leveraging technology such as account-based advertising and predictive analytics.

Best Practices for Account-Based Marketing in 2023
Are you actively considering Account-Based Marketing (ABM) for your B2b business in 2023? A strong strategy is key to an effective ABM campaign, and we offer tips on how to do just that. 

  1. Find your target accounts
    Start by researching potential accounts and gather all important details such as industry, location, company size, revenue, and profit margin to help you choose the accounts that are the best fit for your ABM strategy.
  2. Create multi-channel approach
    To be successful with your Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy, it’s important to not rely solely on one platform for outreach. Instead, use a combination of platforms to reach your target accounts, including, Google Ads, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Email, Direct Mail, and Phone calls, and if helps, remarketing as well. This will automatically increase your chances of connecting with your targeted accounts.
  3. Tailor your approach
    For desired results through ABM, always focus on creating content that is tailored to address the pain points of the targeted accounts. Even personalize your business’ landing pages with appropriate visuals and messaging. This will help you build trust and credibility, thus increasing the chances of success.
  4.  Use the right technology
    The right combination of technology will allow your B2B business to easily top your game in ABM. This includes automation to streamline any repetitive tasks, customer data management (CRM, basically) to store and organize information, and lead scoring to allow you to focus solely on accounts with the highest potential to become your customer.
  5. Measure and adjust, drive results
    Lastly, understand that ABM is a continuous process that usually requires constant monitoring and performance-based tweaks to achieve the best marketing results for your B2B business. Set S.M.A.R.T. goals, and A/B test campaigns, evaluate what works and what needs to be improved, and then use data to make data-driven decisions.

    Remember, ABM is a long-term effort, and its outcomes may not be immediately visible. However, with a consistent and focused approach, your B2B company can reap the rewards of a well-executed ABM strategy. So, what are you waiting for? Share your ABM experience with us in the comments below!

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