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Account based Marketing Examples – Ever Wondered How Tech Giants Nail ABM?

Ever wondered how tech giants seem to hit the mark every time with their account based marketing (ABM) strategies? It’s no coincidence that they’re using advanced b2b account based marketing services to target high-value accounts with precision.

In this blog, we’ll delve into real-world examples of account based marketing for b2b abm from companies like DocuSign, GumGum, LiveRamp, Dialpad, and Terminus. Let’s explore how these companies use ABM to drive impressive results.

1. LiveRamp

LiveRamp, a data enablement platform, drove over $50M in annual revenue from just 15 target accounts. They adopted an ABM approach to pursue a list of Fortune 500 companies, utilizing the Lattice Predictive Insights Platform. This tool helped them gather intelligence on firmographics, online presence, and growth trends, narrowing their focus to the best-fit accounts.

Their multi-channel strategy included:

  • Display advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Outbound SDR calling

LiveRamp’s alignment between sales and marketing teams was key. Their SDRs worked closely with marketing to ensure a cohesive strategy, resulting in a significant revenue boost.

2. DocuSign

DocuSign tripled their homepage conversions using dynamic content as part of their ABM strategy. They created industry-targeted homepages with personalized content like customer testimonials.

Their approach included:

  • Digital advertising targeting 450 enterprise clients
  • Dynamic content on landing pages
  • Optimized free trial forms

3. GumGum

GumGum, a contextual intelligence platform, landed a contract with T-Mobile through a creative ABM campaign. They identified John Legere, then-CEO of T-Mobile, as a key stakeholder and created a custom comic book featuring him as the superhero “T-Man.” This unique and personalized approach not only caught Legere’s attention but also garnered social media exposure.

Their ABM tactics included:

  • Deep research into key stakeholders’ interests
  • Creative personalized content
  • Leveraging social media for engagement

GumGum’s success highlights the importance of creativity and personalization in ABM campaigns.

4. Dialpad

Dialpad, an AI-powered cloud communications platform, bridged the gap between their sales and marketing teams. By aligning both teams and sharing a common view of target accounts, they significantly improved their outreach efforts.

Their ABM approach involved:

  • Integrated marketing and sales teams
  • Customized content throughout the buyer’s journey

This alignment led to smarter conversations with decision-makers and higher conversion rates, proving the importance of sales and marketing synergy in ABM.

5. Terminus

Terminus is a leader in the b2b account based marketing services field, offering comprehensive ABM solutions. They implemented a sophisticated multi-touch ABM strategy, focusing on high-value accounts with personalized outreach and content.

Their strategy included:

  • Account-specific content creation
  • Targeted email campaigns
  • Use of data analytics to refine targeting

Terminus’s approach ensured that they could effectively engage and convert high-value prospects, demonstrating the effectiveness of tailored ABM strategies.

Final Thoughts

Tech giants like DocuSign, GumGum, LiveRamp, Dialpad, and Terminus are leading the way in B2B Account based marketing services. Their success stories reveal key strategies that can be replicated, such as deep personalization, multi-channel outreach, and strong alignment between sales and marketing.

When looking to implement ABM in your organization, consider these steps:

  • Define clear criteria for target accounts
  • Use data-driven insights to refine your targeting
  • Create personalized, multi-channel campaigns
  • Ensure alignment between sales and marketing teams

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