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From Cold to Sold: The power of strategic Lead Generation in B2B Marketing

Over the years, attracting audience and generating leads has been more of a challenging necessity, which is now being eased off by the trend of digitization. The digital era enables businesses and enterprises to garner more views through various tools and strategies, which would allow digital companies to emerge as the ‘king’ of the marketing realm.

As per HubSpot, 61% of marketers claim that generating traffic and leads is one of the critical challenges. Moreover, 65% of B2B brands have a dearth of clear lead-nurturing processes and strategies, while over 40% of marketers believe that the roadblock to lead generation is a lack of resources, staffing, and budget.

With the challenges of attracting an audience gradually increasing across various marketers, various lead generation tools are poised to stand tall as efficient tactics for B2B businesses. But, why lead generation?

B2B lead generation enables businesses to identify potential buyers for their product and services, attracting them towards purchase. Various sales and marketing teams are also using a plethora of lead strategies to entice the public interest and guide prospects into the sales funnel.

Benefits of B2B lead generation

Some of the potential benefits of lead generation for B2B companies include:

  • Increase market valuation
  • Grow the client portfolio
  • Garner more customer reviews
  • Boost company revenue
  • Generate business opportunities
  • Enhance brand awareness and visibility
  • Build robust marketing strategies and practices
  • Enhance conversion rates

What are the ideal B2B lead generation techniques that can help businesses gain huge returns?

While content marketing emerges to be one of the top gears of lead generation tactics, it is not the only one at B2B marketer’s disposal. Enlisted are three of the most prominent lead generation strategies that give an idea of how can marketers leverage these into their marketing plans and make sure that the efforts yield profitable results.

  1. Content marketing

With nearly 65% of B2B marketers using content syndication as their core lead generation tool, the product is amassing interest owing to its ability to accelerate leads for sales team and build database with relevant contacts for companies. Unsurprising to note, companies such as Cisco, Nike, Microsoft, and Adidas use content to generate humongous sales.

  • E-mail Marketing

Over 79% of businesses claim that email marketing is the most effective lead-generation tool available in the current marketing industry. Marketing emails have an average 21.5% open rate overall, allowing companies to drive sales, nurture leads, and keep clients up to date on the latest developments in the business. The high affordability of emails could further increase the ROI. For small and large-scale businesses, email marketing focuses on customer communication and awareness. The best email marketing campaigns are organized according to audience, goals, and modality.

Email marketing is one of the most affordable types of marketing. As per reports, mid-size businesses can spend nearly USD 9 to USD 1,000 per month on email marketing, on average. Such marketing services have simplified that process, enabling for enhance customization and automation.

  • Tele-calling-

Reports have it that more than 44.5% of the top-performing companies rank telesales as their superior lead generation channel. It is an affordable method for businesses to promote, generate leads, and sell products and services without the barrier of physical distance. However, cold-calling is really getting ‘cold’ in the era of digitization and spam calls. Nevertheless, this can be used as a counter-weapon to conquer the lead generation realm, with research being the primary step.

Some of the best ways to turn telemarketing into profitable leads include-

  • Preparing the script- Knowing the how, what, and whys of the product.
  • Conducting in-depth research
  • Picking the best times to call
  • Determining the right tone for marketing

Generating leads is only half the battle. Once achieved, marketers still need to have smart strategies and align their sales and marketing initiatives to turn potential leads into customers, thereby gaining brilliant results in the full-cycle.

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