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ABM Leaders in New York Time Square – Leading Intent Data Provider

Located in the bustling heart of New York’s Times Square, this company is an ABM Leader and a standout player in the B2B data and marketing arena, boasting an impressive $54 million in annual revenue. Specializing in providing intent data solutions, this company has firmly established itself as a leading authority in Account-Based Marketing (ABM).


  1. Lead Volume– Striking the right balance between lead volume and lead quality was a challenge. Generating too many leads without effective qualification was overwhelming for  sales teams.
  2. Data Overload- Managing and making sense of vast amounts of data from various sources was a task. They needed a streamlined approach to extract actionable insights.
  3. Lead Nurturing- Nurturing leads through the sales funnel effectively was a pain point. Converting leads into customers required more sophisticated strategies.

Solution- Why Almoh Media?

  1. Advanced Lead Qualification- Almoh Media offered a sophisticated lead qualification system that aligned perfectly with company’s goal. This ensured that only high-quality, sales-ready leads were passed on to the sales teams, eliminating the overwhelming lead volume issue.
  2. Data Analytics Expertise- Almoh Media brought advanced data analytics capabilities to the table, allowing ABM Leaders to transform data overload into actionable insights. This streamlined decision-making and improved overall efficiency.
  3.  Personalized Lead Nurturing- Almoh Media implemented personalized lead nurturing strategies, guided prospects through the sales funnel smoothly. This approach significantly improved conversion rates and customer acquisition for the company.

Almoh Media:

  • Almoh Media has achieved an impressive quality score of 93%
  • Secured the 2nd position for swift delivery

ABM Leaders- Leading Intent data provider:

  • Achieved top-notch delivery, meeting all requested specifications
  • Enhanced satisfaction and project success
  • Enhanced Lead generation capabilities
  • Boosted ROI through Almoh Media led lead gen campaigns

Call out Quote
Almoh Media has delivered on their promises so effectively that we find ourselves at a loss for feedback. Their exceptional performance has left us with nothing but complete satisfaction. They have seamlessly integrated into our lead generation process, significantly enhancing our productivity and positively impacting our profitability”.

–  Director Partner Operations 

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