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3 content marketing methods that could take businesses by storm in 2023

In the digital era, lead generation and brand engagement have become quite seamless. Reason? The birth of content marketing. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 80% (startupbonsai) of B2B businesses generate leads through content marketing. Therefore, it becomes crucially important for companies to focus more on effective content marketing strategies and methods to gain a significant niche in the marketplace. 

Content marketing: Need of the hour?

While different content marketing methods are expected to give a new identity to brands, its ample benefits (including the ones mentioned below) would prove to make it one of the essential tools for companies to consider for increasing profits.

Benefits of content marketing 

  • Higher visibility in search engines: Some of the effective marketing techniques and strategies are likely to pave way for companies to reach the first page of the Google or Bing search; which would mean more profit for the companies!
  • More social media followers: Best content marketing techniques could help the brands attract more social media traffic and followers. Imperative to note that a whopping 93% (nealschaffer) of marketers globally are using some form of social media site. 
  • Generates three times more leads than traditional marketing: When talking about content marketing vs traditional marketing, the former is known to cost 62% less (bloggingwizard) spending to companies and generate three times more leads. 
  • Enhanced customer experience: Latest inclusions such as editorials, blogs, press releases, and product information, are expected to generate inquisitiveness and attract a potential audience.

Guide to Content marketing methods 

The 21st century has offered umpteen options for marketing tools and methodologies. While social media currently enjoys a top position as a content marketing tool, the future is open to experimenting with more strategies that could transform the online working of businesses. 

Here is the list of methods that businesses can take up to ensure the proper functioning and lucrative profits:

  • Social Media Marketing 

With nearly 4.59 billion (oberlo) social media users worldwide, the platform remains a vital base for promoting all kinds of content, be it long-form, short-form, photos, reels, or paid ads. Also, social media ad (statista) spending in 2020, stood at around USD 132 billion, with the value anticipated to exceed USD 200 billion mark by 2024 end. 

Consider the engagement received on over 3 top social media platforms:




Instagram ads can reach more than 850 million (startupbonsai) startupusers by this year-end

75%  (webfex) of marketers use Facebook to engage and reach out to potential audience

LinkedIn could enable marketers to reach over 800 (influencemarketing) million users by 2023

  • Video content marketing 

With platforms like YouTube gaining immense traction amongst users, video content marketing has become the thing of the present. 40% of marketers claim to be benefitted from creating video content. This enables customers to better understand the company’s services and products. In fact, studies depict that more than 54% of consumers wish to see more video content from a business or brand they support. 

  • Email promotion

In 2023, email marketing is slated to continue its charm as a content marketing method. Reports suggest that nearly 69% of marketers use email marketing to distribute their content online. Additionally, 61% of consumers prefer to be reached out by brands via email, which emerges to be good news for several businesses out there. 


As more businesses are budding worldwide, effective content marketing methods are the need of the hour, as it can help enterprises reach their target audient and increase conversions. Practicing the aforementioned tools and strategies effectively can undoubtedly solve diverse business marketing challenges and offer a ray of hope for enhanced working in 2023.