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  • Sumit Suryawanshi

Why B2B Customer Experience Is Important?

We receive multiple customer experience-related emails every day from B2B organizations such as Amazon, Flipkart, Starwood group etc. They usually tie-up with many companies to provide various feedback details often. But when it comes to B2B organizations, it's a different thing to experience. B2C organizations understand that customers these days are ready to pay extra for a personalized experience. So they are focusing on providing a more personalized, convenient, and customer-centric experience. 

But when it comes to the B2B industry, the case is not the same. As per a survey by McKinsey, the customer-experience ratio for B2B organizations is less than 50%, compared to the 60-85% ratio of B2C organizations. Most of the B2B customers try to find a way to contact a B2B organization for various reasons.

Sometimes customers want the resolutions for their problems, or maybe they are looking to buy new solutions from the organization. To contact the organization, customers use various methods or modes of contact. Sometimes they visit the website and fill in the details for contact, or they email/call directly to the required function of the organization. 

In many cases, even the B2B organizations try to contact and create engagement with their potential customers by using these contact methods. B2B organization should keep a follow-up with these leads to understand the needs that they possess. It is always understood that the buying patterns of the B2B customers are not easy and they are quite complex. And it's always not easy to provide the best customer experience. But an organization should try to tackle these problems and start getting into the process of providing a better customer experience.  

B2B organizations require a strategy and detailed research for giving a better customer experience. For example, a customer(or a company) can buy some kind of solution from a B2B organization. It can be limited for a time or service basis.

Once the service or the contract is over, the B2B organization should keep in touch with the customer to provide an alternative or for the post pitch. This can make a customer understand its value in the B2B organizations' eyes. Eventually, this will increase customer loyalty and help in gaining more customer values.

Almoh Media is an organization where customer engagement and experiences are top priority. We believe in quality that matters the most. Our customers are more likely to increase their ROI by 170%. And that's what drives us to be more customer-centric and providing the best in industry customer experience.

For more details and business inquiries you can reach us at or you can also login to

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