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Website Speed

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

With regards to your site's exhibition, page speed is critical. In any case, except if you see how this measurement functions-and, all the more explicitly, the elements that impact it — you may think that it's hard to improve. In this blog, we'll clarify what page speed is, the reason it's significant, and how to gauge it. At that point, we'll furnish you with nine brisk arrangements you can use to improve page stacking speed.

What do you understand by Website Speed?

Website speed means the time taken to load the content on your website when visitors visit the website. Along with that speed of a page is the time taken to load a particular page.

What affects the website loading speed?

  1. The important aspect is website coding and scripts.

  2. The size of the creatives i.e. images, videos, infographics, etc.

  3. Also the installed plugins on the website and the theme of the website.

Why website speed is important?

The loading speed of the website is a play of seconds. When you visit any website and if you see the loading speed is less, you will not stay long on the same website. Similarly, if the web page is slow then the engagement of the visitor decreases. And it might also hamper the SEO. It also helps the visitor to understand rather than make a perception of your brands' image.

How you can improvise the website speed?

a. Always upload optimized images and videos on the website. Even if the size of an image is small the image should be optimized enough to stay clear on both desktop and mobile sites.

b. Hosting solutions play a major role in SEO and also in website speed. Choose a hosting provider or a performance-optimized solution.

c. Minification of codes, HTML scripts can also help in the same. Simply minification is to remove additional data, files, caches from the website without hampering the performance or the original content.

d. Redirection should be minimized. It takes a lot longer time to redirect that to paste the same thing on the website.

e. Though plugins help to increase the SEO, but sometimes they also hamper the performance of the web page and the website. So always optimize and remove the unnecessary plugins from the website.

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