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Types Of Campaigns in B2B Industry.

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about the B2B industry is the campaign. The purpose of creating a campaign is to create a format of the services or the products that you offer with a suitable industry type, target audience and geography. A campaign can be used in marketing types like Tele-marketing, Email-Marketing and Digital-Marketing.

Let's take a look at the types of campaigns used in B2B:

1) SWP (Simple White Paper): SWP mainly contains only the title and a small description of the services that you want to provide. They are small in size and easy to deliver.

2) SQL (Sales Qualified Leads): SQL leads are usually those leads that are prospect qualified and ready to receive a callback or a follow-up from a company’s sales management team to close a sales deal. In SQL, your sales team can personalize the Q&A session and provide a one-on-one session.

3) MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads): MQL leads can be described as the lead of a potential customer. The possibility of a prospect of becoming your customer is high compared to other leads. In MQL leads, prospects can be calculated by the number of times they have visited and downloaded the available information or the whitepaper from the website or the portal.

4) B.A.N.T.: B.A.N.T stands for budget, authority, need, and time. It has to meet at least three out of the four criteria of BANT. These leads are often called as hot leads. This leads to saves a lot of time and cost for your sales team as it simplifies the process of getting the right prospect or the contact.

We at ALMOH MEDIA help create and you achieve all these campaign goals. With the help of skilled professionals, we can help you reach your target in minimum time with maximum productivity.

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