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  • Sumit Suryawanshi.

What is Email Marketing and how it benefits your business?

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

We live in an era where we tend to see more emails than the postcards or we prefer emails than the telephonic conversation. Even on a quick call, we tend to say send me the details in black & white. 

Similarly, Email-Marketing can be termed as the process of sending the business profile, the commercial, or product data of the organization to the desired and potential list of customers or buyers via email. We at ALMOH MEDIA keep our key performance indicator for Email Marketing at the most productive level.

All the more critically, Email Marketing permits you to fabricate associations with leads, clients, and past clients. It's your chance to talk legitimately to them in their inbox, during a period that is advantageous for them. Combined with the correct informing, email can get one of your most effective advertising channels. It also helps you to keep in touch with your old customer even, without giving them a telephonic reminder.

Our success ratio for email marketing is about 98% for the opt-in emails. And we have a success ratio of 86% for contact discovery and for the not opted service emails, which is the best in the competitive organizations. And to do so, we use our in-house 20 million B2B databases. We also support all ESPs, CRMs for delivering your emails.

We assure you the best of ROI and productivity. So start your Email Marketing program with ALMOH MEDIA today.  

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