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  • Sumit Suryawanshi.

Importance of Videos & VLogs

The world spends almost 1 billion hours every day watching videos on YouTube. The most commonly used way to display products on any platform such as TV, Road-side LES walls and, Handy Devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptops are videos.

Videos are not new to create a marketing strategy for a product. However, making a video that will create a good impression of your products is very much essential for the success of a marketing campaign. Video is varied and winning information or content format which is easy to understand and can be shared across multiple channels. Marketers like the videos because it gives a High Return on Investment (ROI) and customers / potential buyers like videos cause they are entertaining, educational, and easy to understand.

Why we should use videos in marketing campaigns?

  • As mentioned earlier the world spends almost 1 billion hours every day watching videos on youtube.

  • Videos are easy to understand and they are engaging.

  • Highest ROI.

  • Helps to enhance SEO.

  • An attractive medium to reach the desired audience.

Facts to consider while creating a Video Marketing Campaign:

It is informing and instructing: Most of the marketers feel that videos help understand the product to the customers. They say, as per customers videos are the most likely way to educate the consumer. It is a quick guide for a service explanation.

Boost Conversions: 90% of the customers say videos help them to decide for purchases of the product. As per Wyzowl, 74% of the people who watch the video or gets information about the product or services by watching a video buy the product or show an interest in the product.

SEO management: Search engines always look for engaging content that keeps viewers engaged. Videos help to keep the viewer on the website for a longer time and that is what helps to boost the SEO of your website or the product site. If you market or promote the video via social media, the chances of getting recognized and increased sales are high. People using mobile phones tend to share videos often. This is also one of the key importance of videos in marketing and reaching the maximum number of audience.

Most of the social media users and other customers who see an advertisement video say, it is easy to make decisions for purchase. Videos build trust and help to create an identity of the brand. Even in email marketing campaigns videos increases the chances of the click-through process by 200-300%.

Video Marketing and Vlogs are not only increasing the market standards but also the sales ratio. And to create highly engaging, informative, and creative videos for your marketing campaign Almoh Media can help you with the industry professionals. To know more reach us at or you can log in to

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