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Why Almoh Media?

What is your next destination? Is it a better opportunity? A better you? Or a better association of creators? Wherever you desire to go, we give you the means, the techniques, and the teams to navigate the journey. So are you inspired to build what’s next, ensure your career never stands still, and navigate further together? Move forward. Take the world with you and you will take the sales & marketing next level!

Our Values

We have four core values, or standards, which people across the Almoh Media share. They represent the expectations we have for ourselves and each other, they guide our day-to-day decisions and the way we behave.

We take dignity in delivering Quality and not just Quantity.

We strain ourselves to be our best and work to the highest standards, so we can be satisfied with everything we do.

We respect each other and celebrate our Diversity.

We treat each other justly and appreciate the contributions of others. We are open to representations that might be different from ours and voice our own honestly and politely. Once a decision is made, we respect it and do everything we can to make it successful.

Trust is the framework of Almoh Media.

We are sovereign, unbiased, and honest – We're impartial and fair with the strength to say and do the right thing. We remit on what we say and take accountability for our works.

We are one Almoh Media!

Great things happen when we work together – We get fully involved and work together as one team, openly sharing our ideas and seeking out and listening to others. As ambassadors for the Almoh Media, we represent and celebrate the great things we all do.

Create Together

You co-operate with bold, diverse voices to create and grow.

Almoh Media expects from you:

- Boldness, unleashing your creativity, and embracing change.

- Generosity, sharing your knowledge, and helping others succeed.

- Respect for other ideas and perspectives.

What Almoh Media gives you:

- Opportunities to achieve ground-breaking, game-changing profession.

- Fresh aspects from profound people who will challenge you and help you grow.

-Tools to work efficiently and encourage your most high-grade work.


Research Analyst:

-Professionals with 6 months+ experience (B2B) can apply

-The candidate should have experience in contact discovery using professional tools, excel.

-Knowledge of research on professional platforms such as Linkedin, ZoomInfo, Bloomberg, manta, etc.

Lead Generation Executive


-Professionals with 6 months+ experience (B2B) can apply

-The candidate should have excellent communication skills.

-knowledge of research on professional platforms.

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